Our Team

Nancy Kagan


Nancy Kagan is a fixer. Give her a problem and watch it disappear. By nature, Nancy is a positive and dynamic person, passionate about making a difference, eager to be an integral part of the evolution of progress within a dental practice. She works to establish trust in a relationship, respecting all as equals. Nancy enjoys watching a staff transition from skeptical to invested. As founder and owner of Summit Dental Partners, LLC, Nancy’s greatest reward is seeing a practice flourish, knowing that Summit Dental Partners has built a foundation for success that will continue to grow. Her background makes her eminently qualified to excel as a consultant. After working several years as a hygienist, she formed a temporary placement agency, “Dental Temporaries.” Presented with an opportunity to manage a large group practice, she sold her business and presided over two successful practices for twenty-five years. In 2004, she visualized a company that would develop systems and procedures to make dental practices more efficient and successful; thus, the creation of Summit Dental Partners. To teach, to mentor, to share new friendships and experiences–Nancy Kagan is all about understanding today and improving tomorrow.

Blake Cohen


Blake Cohen is the teacher. A graduate of Bentley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Blake’s specialty is understanding the financial aspect of a practice. He trains staff members in the intricacies of dental insurance, copayment calculation, and treatment planning. A keen observer of human nature, Blake relates well with people and takes great pride in making a difference in each office he visits.

He got his experience at a dental practice in downtown Boston, so he understands the challenges involved. It’s no wonder that his passion is golf, a game of skill, observation, strategy and self-confidence.

Marissa Thompson


Marissa Thompson is the energizer bunny. With an endless supply of creative ideas and practical know-how, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in dental hygiene from Forsyth, Marissa tirelessly and tenaciously gets the job done. Her goal is to combine her training as a hygienist with her marketing background and management expertise to help in multiple phases of consulting. When clean-up is in order, there is no better person to find the problem, fix the problem, and make it right. Marissa values family time with her husband, two daughters and two dogs and she’s not averse to putting on her tool belt for a good home improvement project.

Ruth McGrath


Ruth McGrath is the mathematician. She loves numbers. When she solves a challenging problem, she accomplishes her goal. As our virtual office manager, she tracks a dental office's productivity, collections, cancellations, and financial interactions with insurance companies. She troubleshoots weaknesses and turns them into assets. Having worked in the dental industry for twenty years, she understands its daily operations and strives to ensure a seamless and productive day. Keeping a practices' accounts receivable within industry standards while coaching the staff how to keep it there is something she loves to do.

Ruth is always on the go and loves traveling with her husband of thirty-two years, especially on the back of his motorcycle. She is passionate about family and spends time with her two daughters and five grandchildren in Massachusetts, and her son and daughter-in-law in Tennessee. "Laughter is key in my life. I surround myself with people who make me happy."

Julie Whiteley



Julie Whiteley is the communicator. She believes wholeheartedly that hygienists do more than simply clean teeth; they are relationship builders and educators who play a pivotal role in the health of patients and the health of the dental practice. She bridges her knowledge and experience from her business, clinical hygiene, and teaching backgrounds to develop programs that enhance patient communication and promote acceptance of proposed treatment.


Julie made the transition to a career in dental hygiene after working in both the financial services and biotechnology industries as a Human Resources Manager. She holds a B.S. from Merrimack College in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. She pursued a career in dental hygiene and graduated from the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists. Julie currently works in private practice as a hygienist, and has been on the faculty of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University at the Forsyth Clinic in Boston for 11 years.


She enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, and combining her passion for health and fitness with cooking. Her favorite mantra is "the most wasted day of all is that one in which we have not laughed."?

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit. 

Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.

3/1/16 to 2/28/18. Provider ID# 368382