Eaglesoft - Coverage Books vs Fee schedules

As dental consultants we are asked software questions all the time so we have continuously invest time in making sure we understand most of the dental software. The practice management software companies we see the most of in the New England area are Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Practiceworks and now Open Dental. Each software is unique in the way it is set up but for the most part they can all do the same things and provide you with the same information.

Recently we have been asked in both the consulting and outsourcing division about coveragebooks and fee schedules so we decided to call Ann Marie DePalma, an Eaglesoft trainer, to explain the diffrence and why they should or shouldn't be implemented in offices.

The way she explained it is you ha...

Hippo Helper

Hippo Helper

Book and stuffed animal

Marissa Thompson, RDH, B.S.

I had the pleasure of catching up with a classmate of mine at the Yankee Dental Congress. Lina Pappalardo, a pediatric hygienist and the co-founder of Hippo Helper saw a need in pediatric practices and found a solution. Her dedication to not only jump into something she knew nothing about (product design) but her entrepreneurial spirit is something for all hygienists to be proud of.

There are many roles a hygienist can pursue beyond clinical hygiene. Lina is an inspiration to all those who may be looking for a different path in this great field.

If you want more information please check out her website at or to contact Lina fill out the form found here:


Whose responsibility is CE? (RDHmag)

April 1, 2018

Some practical guidelines regarding continuing education expenses

By Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH


We all know that as licensed health-care providers, we have an obligation to obtain at least the minimum number of continuing education requirements to meet our state regulations. We also have the responsibility to keep our knowledge current in order to provide the best care for our patients. Employers are responsible to ensure that all employees have current licenses in good standing, but issues of reimbursement and compensation for continuing education can be a gray area.

Twenty Minutes with Troy

Summit Dental Partners has the pleasure of getting to know industry experts in the dental field. Troy Zerveskes has been a valuable resource to Dentists and we are very honored to be given the opportunity to speak to him on his recent podcast.

Twenty Minutes with Troy - Nancy Kagan from Summit Dental Partners

In this episode of Twenty Minutes with Troy, Troy interviews Nancy Kagan, a dental practice management consultant. Nancy Kagan and her Team at Summit Dental Partners, LLC has morphed and adapted to the needs of modern dentists and the ever-changing dental climate.

Meeting expectations can be easy…if you know what the expectations are.

All too often issues arise when an employee is unable to meet expectations. In many cases this is due to a lack of clarity as to the expectations that need to be met. Good communication might seem obvious, because in most cases we work in close proximity every day, but unfortunately the opposite is often true.

Here are some of the ways a dentist or manager can make sure that expectations are met:

1. Written job descriptions-ask your team member to provide you with a list of their tasks and responsibilities. Do the same based on your expectations and then compare them. You might be surprised to see that the two are not in line. This is a great way to open up a dialogue that will help you move forward in the same direction.

2. Daily huddles-w...

You Know Your Practice is On Track When...

If you decide to take a trip to Canada would you get in your car and just head North? Or would you want to have a destination and road map in order to ensure that you get where you need to go?

When you own a dental practice you not only provide the services but also need to keep tabs on the health and productivity of the business. Without knowledge of what a healthy practice looks like you are in fact practicing without a destination or road map. With a few simple benchmarks you can ensure that you always get to your desired destination.

You know your practice is on track when….

Your accounts receivable (AR) is equal to 1 months production

Having a tight and well managed AR system is critical but in fact AR starts with your communicat...

Effective Marketing Ideas

This is a sampling of some marketing and public relations ideas that we have found to be successful in growing your patient base:

* Baskets - Make an appointment to bring a gift basket containing goodie bags (toothbrush, paste, etc. with logo and a pamphlet to local businesses to discuss your office and potential patients. Send a follow up letter in one month and repeat to same office in 6 months.

* New people moved into the area - Send welcome letter with offer (get names from Angie’s List)

* Logo- brand as much as you can in the office.

* New patients- after first visit send hand written thank you note with a ps. "if you have any family or friends as nice as you, please tell them about our practice".

* Local bridal expo's- set up booth


5 Steps to a Healthy Hygiene Recare System

It doesn’t matter whether you call it recall, recare or continuing care, the backbone of a successful dental practice is its hygiene department. Keeping patients in the schedule and not on unscheduled lists is key to keeping your practice on track. Not only do we want to make sure that patients are getting the care they need, we want to keep our hygiene staff productive. Since 75% of dentistry is diagnosed in the hygiene chair a strong protocol for recall will keep our doctors productive as well. While most offices have some sort of recall system in place it is not always as effective as it can be. Here are 5 steps to take to ensure that your system is working…

1. Make the best person on your team responsible for this importa...

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.
   3/1/18 to 2/28/22. Provider ID# 368382

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.
   3/1/18 to 2/28/22. Provider ID# 368382